Install, configure and update the ports tree

For today i’ll show how to install software in Freebsd. Freebsd use the tree ports, consist in a tree of directories that contains different source code and scripts that automate the process of compilation and installation. In each port directory we can find these files:

– makefile: contains different entries, like the installation directory and how compile the port.
– distinfo: Contains information about the files has to download to compile the program and the checksum in md5 to check the integrity.
– directory files: contains the necessary patches to compile and install the program in your freebsd system.
– pkg-descr: description of the package.
– pkg-plist: list of all the files that the program will install in your system.

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How to compile a Linux kernel

Hello everybody!!

In my first entry i will explain how to compile a Linux kernel. In my case i’ll compile the last stable version of kernel Linux (3.1.3) , in a Debian squeeze with the traditional method. In another entry i will explain the debian way, executing a scripts from the kernel-package. It’s necessary before starting, check your hardware with command utilities like lspci, lsusb, look the directory /proc/cpuinfo for check you cpu architecture and list the modules is loaded with lsmod. This is important collect this information, because for compile a kernel you need to include some devices drivers, supports for any filesystem or any peculiarity of your hardware. There are many features of the kernel configuration that you can install it as a module (M) or built in kernel (*), you can change this with the spacebar. My recommend is if you are not sure, about a feature is included with you hardware make this as module, so the kernel will not consume your system resources.  Continue reading