I’ve been working lately with Citrix XenServer hypervisor and testing some functionalities. When you download a free version of XenServer normally has 30 days to test it and this version has some functionality limitations. But we can request an avaluation license server with 90 days and test some advanced functionalities like High availability and Xenmotion live migration, only we have to register in the Citrix web page:  http://www.citrix.com/products/xenserver/try.html and request a premium XenServer trial with advanced features and download a virtual machine template with the licensing service to activate our servers:

1.- Request an avaluation license and download the VM template from the link Trial Virtual Appliance and execute it with XenCenter:

2.- Choose a Server to import the virtual machine image with the licensing service:

3.- Choose the storage repository where the virtual machine will be stored:

4.- Choose the default network interface.

5.- Finishes the VM import and execute it:

6.- Enter the a root password for the system.

7.- Setup the necessary network settings for the connection of the VM.

8.- Enter a password for the admin user and finish with the configuration:

9.- Click in menu tools > License Manager:

10.- Check the server to apply the license and click on Assign License:

11.- Enter the ip address of the virtual machine imported and click in Ok:

12.- Assign the license for other servers and now we can see the new license was applied:

Applying Advanced Licensing Trial in XenServer
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