After some time without updating, due a some changes and some work that require my attention, now I’m returning to post in the blog. Actually I migrate to Ireland, Dublin, since a couple of months, due a job opportunity. I’ve to say it’s really a great experience, I’m learning a lot of things every day, trying to improve my English 😀 and the most important thing growing in my professional career and enjoying doing it . If someone that reads this post is thinking about migrate to another country for any reason, don’t doubt about this step, go ahead with this, you will not regret.
Leaving aside with my changes, I developed a simple Perl script to count the http requests per minute from Apache log file during a time period, that can be util to someone to know the number of requests of an easy and fast way. Of course may be more util to dispose of graphs or any better tools like awstats or something like that, but may be situations where the server we are monitoring doesn’t dispose about it. You can find the source code published in github on the next url:

Of course if anybody has any suggestions or any doubt about the script, let me know! 😀 See you on the next posts!

Script to count http requests
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One thought on “Script to count http requests

  • October 14, 2013 at 18:26

    Glad you’re back, fella. Looking forward to read all the cool stuff you are doing and learning. I hope you will have some spare time every now and then to write a post and share your knowledge and experiences with all of us 😉

    Take care.


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